A Parent's Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls - eBook


A Parent's Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls - eBook

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If you want to grow your daughter's natural hair long and you haven't done it before then you need a roadmap. 'A Parent's Guide to natural hair care for girls', will give you that roadmap.

If you know you are ready for your daughter to have beautiful, healthy natural hair regardless of her hair type or texture, but are stuck and not able to get ahead because you are not sure which techniques, products or approach to take ‘A Parent’s Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls’ guide is exactly what you need.

Did you know that YOUR daughter can have the beautiful healthy natural hair you always dreamed of her having?

Mine does, and using the techniques in this guide I was able to grow my daughters hair super long and healthy all before she turned 3 years old.

This is not just a book, this is a complete hair care and hair growth system that will transform short, dull or breaking natural hair into healthy, long and  beautiful natural hair!

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