Are you ready to finally learn proven techniques on how to care for your daughter’s natural hair so it can be beautiful, long and healthy?


If you know you are ready for your daughter to have beautiful, healthy natural hair regardless of her hair type or texture, but are stuck and not able to get ahead because you are not sure which techniques, products or approach to take ‘A Parent’s Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls’ guide is exactly what you need.

Did you know that YOUR daughter can have the beautiful healthy natural hair you always dreamed of her having?

Mine does, and using the techniques in this guide I was able to grow my daughters hair super long and healthy all before she turned 3 years old.

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She loves her hair and so do I, so does everyone it seems judging from the amount of compliments she gets!

If you are ready to grow your daughter’s hair longer than ever before, but seem trapped by dry hair or hair that doesn’t seem to grow this guide is written just for you.


Success with hair isn’t down to luck. There is no such thing as ‘good hair’, or hair that somehow has more potential to be beautiful and healthy. ALL hair has the potential to be beautiful and healthy. All hair types and textures have this potential.

Success with hair isn’t just down to the right products. There is no such thing as a miracle product that will turn dry short hair into beautiful healthy hair overnight.

Success with hair isn’t just down to the right techniques. There is no hair washing or condition technique that alone can turn short or dry hair around.

Success with hair is all in the approach. And mums of daughters with super long natural hair know that to achieve this took a balance of knowledge, the correct products and the correct practical techniques.

Lulu Pierre’s triple #1 Bestselling eBook ‘A Parent’s Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls’ will guide you through: -

·      Debunking 5 myths about black hair (that its unmanageable, that is doesn’t grow or grows slowly, that only mixed people can grow long hair, that grease and oil can moisturize the hair and that it takes ages to look after)

·      The science of Black hair – hair science focusing on what makes Black hair unique

·      Baby’s hair  - managing texture changes, treating cradle cap, growing in bald spots, treating dry spots.

·      Toddlers / Children’s hair – Combating dry hair, protective styling, cutting the hair, setting hair length goals.

·      Products – Key products and ingredients, ingredients to avoid, testing hair for porosity and thickness, top ingredients for healthy hair.

·      Techniques – Step-by-step tutorials with images on the following pre-shampooing, detangling, washing, conditioning, drying, product layering, protective styling, daily maintenance and nighttime care

·      Plaiting and Twisting – Step-by-step tutorials with pictures on how to plait, cornrow, twist and flat-twist natural hair.


A peek inside the book!

I love this book. It totally taught me how to look after my daughter’s hair properly and what types of products to use. Its been a great read and something I will always refer back to whilst on a journey to healthy hair baby with healthy happy hair! SO thankful I found this book. Easy to read and understand!

Sham, London, UK.


This eBook takes a fully holistic approach to growing your daughters natural hair.

This isn’t just a practical book where you are told what to do, neither is it just a technical book where you are shown purely hair care techniques, neither is this just a book of knowledge, where you learn theories.

Rather it’s a hair care strategy book that draws upon these three elements to create a fail proof system for hair growth


The sweet spot for Black hair growth is found in the middle, where knowledge, product and techniques meet and that is what this book will give you.

The techniques in this guide have been PROVEN, they get results and will get results for your daughter.

This book will help you turn around your daughter’s present hair situation no matter what that is. No matter your issue be it short, dry, brittle hair with bald spots or receding hairlines. There is nothing that this book doesn’t cover.


 Not to mention that it’s a triple Amazon #1 bestseller


In the past I have felt overwhelmed with the upkeep of natural hair and not knowing where to start. But this book goes through everything you need to know, step by step in an easy and detailed way. I love the way you get an insight into Lulu Pierre and why she takes the time to look after her daughter’s hair. It's a nice, personal touch.  A Parent's Guide To Natural hair has given me the push and knowledge I needed, and my daughters’ new hair regime has started.

Candyce, London, UK.

Now available exclusively on our website. This guidebook is helping mums just like you to take control and grow their daughter’s hair to be more beautiful and healthy than it has ever been before.


The natural hair revolution for kids is coming; can youR DAUGHTER afford to be left behind?





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