How to eliminate kids dry hair quickly and easily with these 10 tips

When talking with mums, the most common complaint that I hear them make in regards to their daughter’s hair is one of dry hair...


No matter what they do, they just can’t seem to get their daughter’s hair moisturized, soft or manageable.


Maybe you’re here because you or your daughter has dry hair and you want to know what can be done about it. Maybe you yourself have dry hair, well if that’s the case you can use the advice in this article too!


Let me tell you, you have come to the right place!


You see dry hair is bad news for a few reasons.


Firstly dry hair is dehydrated hair, weak hair that can be prone to breakage and hair that is breaking, won’t grow long.


Secondly dry hair is very often dull hair that lacks luster, sheen and is difficult to manage.


And finally excessively dry hair is simply unhealthy hair, hair that is dry is more likely to be brittle, break constantly and remain short.


The good news is as the #1 bestselling author of the number one book on children’s natural hair care. I have the credentials to help you.


My daughter Bae is a mini naturalista and at 2.5 years old her hair was nearly at her waist when stretched.



And I can assure you, her hair is NOT dry, her hair is moisturised, soft and healthy because I follow the below tips, it’s not the other way around, her hair isn’t naturally moisturised but the below tips give her hair life!


Here are my top 10 tips to combating dry hair


1. Use a water based moisturizer on the hair prior to the application of any grease or oil.


This is because hair needs water in order to be quenched; if its dry it’s thirsty so give it a drink.


Give it water.


Any moisturizing product you use should have WATER or AQUA listed as the first ingredient anything else won’t do the job. Make sure to moisturize the hair daily, no slacking.


2. After moisturizing the hair follow up with an oil, butter or cream to seal the moisture in place.


Water easily evaporates and often dries out quickly. By putting oil, butter or cream on the hair after the moisturizer you are trapping the moisture in place, helping the hair stay hydrated for longer.


Popular methods for this are the LOC method, that is liquid (water based), oil and then cream (or hair butter) or the moisture and seal method which is liquid (water based) followed by oil.


3. Wash regularly.


Not to be missed.


Washing is a great time to rehydrate the hair. Use a mild shampoo or a conditioner to co-wash the hair.


Do this weekly, yes you read right weekly! And if using shampoo then shampoo once only and concentrate on the roots and scalp.


4.  Deep condition.  


Conditioning is an opportunity for us to replace moisture lost to the environment back into the hair.


Using a moisturizing conditioner can replenish moisture levels from within.


If you think this one is just for adults, think again kids need deep conditioning too!


When conditioning your daughter’s hair cover it with a plastic cap and then a hat or scarf to generate warmth, which will allow the conditioner to penetrate further into the hair strands.


5. Don’t rinse all the conditioner out.


This tip stamps out any excessive dryness.


It’s important that you use a good quality natural conditioner when doing this. All you have to do is only rinse out 50% of the conditioner from the hair and leave the rest in and proceed as normal.


It’s a fantastic way, especially if you are going to cornrow or twist the hair to get it to be soft and moisturized.


6. Air Dry.


Air-drying is the practice of letting the hair dry naturally without the use of direct heat from an appliance such as a blow-drier.


Ideally with kids you will want to style the hair while damp after washing and conditioning. This will ensure the hair dries with as much moisture as possible


7. Deep cleanse.


If you are finding that despite you efforts with moisturizing and conditioning that the hair is still dry then its possible that there could be product build up coating the hair and stopping it from absorbing moisture.


It’s important to remove this build up so the hair can be fully absorbent. I’d advise you to do this monthly, using a bentonite clay hair mask followed by a deep conditioner.


I find that after doing this the hair is much softer, has more sheen and the curls can be more defined, but most importantly the hair is completely moisturized.



8. Modified Oil Rinse.


Oil rinsing is popular in the natural community because it is a great way to help the hair retain up to 30% more moisture, but I modified it slightly for kids and it works even better!


It’s simple to do; after rinsing out conditioner when washing the hair, apply a water-based moisturizer straight away, and then follow up with oil. Leave that on for 2 minutes then towel blot and continue to apply leave in conditioners and style as normal.


TIP I make my own moisturizer containing 30% water, 40% aloe vera juice and 30% vegetable glycerin, which works well!


9. Protect hair at night.


A big one, not many mums do this. We often think of protecting our own hair at night but not so much for our little ones. Invest in a silk pillow case or sleep cap for your daughter as this will lessen the amount of moisture loss to cotton sheets which will help her hair stay moisturized for longer.


Another tip is to tuck the ends of the hair in at night to prevent moisture loss.


10. Take responsibility.


If your daughter has dry hair then it’s your responsibility to do something about it.


Don’t write her hair off as difficult or bad.

Take a breath, relax and begin to educate yourself about her hair, its characteristics and its needs. The issue is likely not her hair. The issue is likely you don’t know what it needs, so get that knowledge and you are on your way!


I believe that knowledge is power, and in relation to afro hair understanding it and its needs is the very first step towards healthy natural hair. 






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