Natural Hair Care for Girls is dedicated at helping you care for your own and your daughter’s hair properly so it can achieve its full potential


I’m Lulu Pierre a mum / blogger / best selling author / good cook and I help mums like you grow their daughter’s natural hair

and next to me is my 3 (teen) daughter Bae

And we are the mother daughter duo behind NATURAL HAIR CARE FOR GIRLS. 

A bit about me...

I know I’m supposed to write something fancy about myself in the 3rd person, as if some authority figure was writing about me. But to be honest, I’m not great at writing in the 3rd person. It just feels strange referencing myself as she or her. And besides, who’s got time for that? I just want you to get to know me!

So here is a bit about me, by me

I’m obsessed with hair…totally completely obsessed with it.

Black hair in particular.

I’m fascinated by its diversity, its potential, the styles it can do, and the lengths it can grow to.

[It goes on…]

I ask myself why some black and bi-racial people seem to grow hair with no effort, while for some long hair seems like an unattainable goal.

[And on…]

Why is it that for some people their hair seems to break at the mere thought of a comb? While for others, their hair breaks the actual comb.

What is hair anyways? Why is it so important?

You see, I am obsessed. But before you judge and write me off as some hair obsessed lunatic, take a look in the mirror. I’m not the only one around here with “keen interests” that’s for sure! To some degree we all obsess with our image, especially our hair.

But I digress.

In 2012 I became a mother to my lovely little CEO / Managing Director / Majority Stakeholder of a daughter named Bae, otherwise known as “The Boss.”

Her arrival revived in me the hair obsession that in all honestly had started to wane.

Seeing her locks brought me right back.

It brought back all the memories of my childhood and my own painful relationship with my hair. I was the girl with the short hair, it just never seemed to grow the way I wanted, and it really affected my self-esteem negatively. I promised myself that the same fate wouldn’t befall my little one, and thus this journey began.

I’m the author of the bestselling book A Parent’s Guide to Natural Hair Care for Girls and the creator of the this blog.  With these products it’s my sincere aim to change the world. Well at least to change the world for little girls with kinky, curly and afro textured hair.

It’s my aim to uplift these girls all over world and help them to love their hair and to love themselves. Together we can negate many of the all too common self-esteem issues that can often arise in children with highly textured hair.

I believe that my hair obsession paid off. “The Boss” aka Bae is a proud bearer of a healthy head of mid back length natural afro hair. She is a testament to what the techniques outlined in my book can do for your daughter.

So mums of black and bi-racial children, this one is for you. My goal is to share my knowledge with you so you can replicate the same results with your own daughter, who can do so with her daughter, who can do so with her daughter and so on. Did I mention changing the world?

I should say I’m actually not new to the hair and beauty industry and in a past life was a hair salon owner, I was actually in the industry for over 10 years and my work was seen in Vogue, Black Hair and Beauty and Pride magazines.

Going forwards, my aim is to expand my mission to uplift the youth, so I hope to bring more books, programs and products in the future so watch this space!

Let’s finish in the third person shall we: -

Lulu strongly believes her life’s mission is to uplift girls with kinky, curly and afro hair into loving their hair, and most importantly loving and valuing themselves.


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